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Sayaka Abe
Amsterdam based Japanese artist/project organiser. My work starts with a question about a person or people who I have encountered. A pain somewhere in their life, loneliness through growing old, human senses becoming lost by city life. Stories that unfold or become uncovered through my own experiences and the communication that I share with people around me. I transform the experience into 3D drawings and intimate spaces. I use life sized drawings in order to bring people, myself included, a way to reflect on themselves through the works.

 Drawing is the way I’ve chosen to express myself after five years studying in Holland. I discovered that in the Japanese culture communication has more often a visual and nonverbal form than a linguistic one as in Europe. Due to this drawing has become an important form of communication for me here and I believe this comes from my background.
Living here I’m motivated by the contrasts between Japan and the Netherlands and I would like to explore this crossing of cultures more.
It is also very important to me the way in which I can invite visitors in to the work and what kind of tangible experience it can bring. Whether by way of presentation, space, situation, sound, lighting or material I would like to leave space for the visitor to reflect upon themselves.
Research projects and workshops for identity
My current project 'Home-Work' is an interdisciplinary platform and artist collective that researches new traditions influenced by the migration flow around the world. Home-Work work for SEARCH, CAPTURE and ARCHIVE it through experimental workshops, websites and publications.

 Are you interested in having workshop? Please contact me by E-mail.

Sayaka Abe